Monthly Landscape Walk Through Schedule

First Tuesday - 9am: Whisperwood and Rolling Oaks
Second Tuesday - 9am: Rolling Pines and Marble Court
Third Tuesday - 9am: Barclay Court
Fourth Tuesday - 9am: Amberwood and Strand Boulevard

Note: If the walk through is delayed for weather conditions, it will be done the next day weather permitting.

*Any quotes that are created during these supervisor walks are simply proposed work for issues that Leo Jr's management identifies during their monthly walk through. They are in no way invoicing for work that must be done unless the HOA board feels that the work is necessary. Please respond only if you are interested in doing the work or the HOA board has asked that it be done. Thank you for your understanding as the only goal is to keep the community looking its absolute best.

**If you would like to talk with Leo Jr. during a scheduled walk through, please request the meeting by using the Landscape Request Form.