The purpose of this information to allow owners to view status of a landscape request submitted on the community website.

Date Property Address Status  Comment 
05/04/2021  5934 Amberwood Drive OPEN I have 4 palm trees behind my lanai that have bunches of "fruit" on them that are red and about the size of golf balls. The "fruit" ripens, falls off, kills the grass and attracts pests. Could you please cut these down. You have done this in past years.

05/04/2021  5885 Rolling Pines Drive OPEN IWe purchased this house in April and it appears that there are several large trees and shrubs that have been neglected and are now overgrown and encroaching on the roof or are nearly dead. We would like to have these removed.

05/03/2021  5895 Rolling Oaks Ct OPEN I would like to meet with you about my front yard. Strange grass or weeds taking over. Call ne and let me know what day and time to meet.

04/29/2021  5936 Strand Blvd. CLOSED Would you please have someone check the Barclay pump?

04/21/2021  5936 Strand Blvd. OPEN First, one of our bougainvillea bushes is falling over. It is currently staked with two stakes but those are being pulled over by the weight of the bush. We need to have the bush staked again. Second, a patch of grass where the new sod was installed a couple months ago is dying. Please inspect and let us know why it is dying and how we can fix it.