The purpose of this information to allow owners to view status of a landscape request submitted on the community website.

Property Address Status Landscaper Comment 
5934 Amberwood Drive oPEN My sprinker system has not work for a couple of weeks. Only 1 zone is coming on, the other are not working. Please fix the problem. Tom Ewert
5936 Strand Blvd oPEN During your visit today, Don forgot to mention that something is eating our Bougainvilleas. When you come tomorrow to treat the Junipers for mites, please treat our Bougainvilleas as well. Many thanks.
5895 Rolling Oaks Ct oPEN Trucks with mulch tore up my backyard and side yard. The truck with a full load of mulch also made my driveway dirty and I just had it power washed. I want new sod and my driveway power washed again.
5936 Strand Blvd oPEN We have two problem areas: grass that is dying and evergreens that are dying. See the attached photo. I think the grass is dying because it is not getting enough water. I tried to test our system Saturday, October 31 at 7:45AM, 8:15AM, 8:45AM, 9:15AM and 9:45AM. The main pump was not on and therefore I could not test. We have not had any significant rain in days so I don't think it was off because of the rain sensor. I would appreciate having an inspection of the two problems and discussion with us regarding solutions as well as confirmation that the pump will be available for Saturday morning testing as I have been told.
5848 Whisperwood Ct oPEN 1.) Removal of dead tree near corner of house. 2.) Trim large palm on side of house. 3.) Trim Orange tree at rear of home. 4.) Trim and clean out the area outside of our Master Bedroom. I thought this would be part of std maintenance. 5.) Consultation on leaning palm tree at front of garage. Please call if you have any questions.